Stephanie's 3rd Birthday in Manila, Philippines

It was the birthday of our prettiest sweetie baby STEPHANIE on Nov.07, 2018 . It was her 3rd year birthday celebration and it will be held this time at  The Vikings -MOA in Manila, Philippines. It was indeed a big surprise not only for our celebrator, our Princess Stephanie but also to her grandmother from the Philippines who have not seen her since birth. It was the family’s ever biggest celebration and that is the birthday celebration of the MOST PRECIOUS and VERY IMPORTANT PERSON of the family our PRINCESS STEPHANIE.

The Pearcy Family

Since it was a big surprise every details of the preparation was done by her mama Lalaine on-line. From the venue down to the balloons were all on- line preparations. Everything has been carefully monitored on-line by mama Lalaine to provide the best birthday party celebration of her only child Stephanie. It was indeed a success because all went very smoothly. It was a birthday party celebration a child would ever wish for. All the best expected in a childre’s birthday party were witnessed. Face painting for everyone young or adults can enjoy, toys for all the kids who joined the games, cakes, the presence of Micky mouse and Minnie mouse, bubble dance  presentation participated by volunteered kids, magic presentation by a clown and the best unlimited delicious foods and drinks for all.

The Vikings Venue in Mall of Asia

Everyone enjoyed this once in a life time experience with our Princess as she was usually called by her grandmother from the Phillipines her “ LITTLE MISS UNIVERSE”. As the host of one of the biggest event of her life STEPHANIE showed much appreciation to her mama Lalaine and dada Stephen as she kissed her and hugged them with her sweetest smile. She was very appreciative to all the people who attended by saying “ Thank you for coming” table to table and had picture taken with her. Obviously, this manner is a proof that she was brought up as a very smart and well-mannered young individual.

The performers
Giveaway pillows
Giveaway and prizes

Personalized cupcakes
her favorite pinkilicious
Everyone is so happy cheering during the games and enjoyed the party as a whole. It was one best gift that a child could ever have and a parents could ever give their child. BLESSING, yes! It was a BLESSING! GOD made it all happen to deserving people who strongly and faithfully believed in HIM. The Pearcy family was very grateful for all the blessings God has given them and it’s just one great act to share their blessings to others.

Some photos of our party guests:

Susie Pearcy
Gigi, grandma
Connor and Stephen
Loisa and Connor
Our volunteers, dancers

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