My NCLEX-RN Review Resources

I took & passed the NCLEX-RN California on Nov. 2016. Fortunately, I have had to answer 75 questions before the computer stopped. As it turned I got 35 SATA, 5 drag & drop, 5 Exhibits, no drug calculations, and lots of prioritization questions. I would like to share some of the review materials I used in preparation for the Nclex-RN examination. 

 ✏️Saunders Review for the NCLEX-RN Exam- If you graduated 5 or 10 years ago & need to refresh yourself with basic nursing information, I would suggest that you read this book if you have plenty of time. I read this book from cover to cover, but I skipped the comprehensive examination at the end because the style of questions is much easier compared to the actual exam. While reading every chapter of this book, I also wrote notes of what I read to keep the information accessible whenever I needed to review it.

 💻I watched all the HURST videos & jotted down notes based on the videos. My favorite part of the videos was the ABG analysis because they made it easy for nurses to understand how to interpret the results. I didn't get to read some of their materials on their resource website because I didn't subscribe to their program. If you want a fast comprehensive or summary-like review, Hurst would be a good option. However, they didn't discuss some topics, but they covered almost everything (the basics!) you need to know for the exam.

💡LaCharity-One of the best books out there for NCLEX-RN. I finished reading & answering the first part of the book (chapter 1-21) and I skipped the case studies which are featured in the second part. If you are an international graduate or obtained your BSN degree outside the USA. I would highly suggest you that take time to read the book. The book would help you prioritize pt’s based on their needs, diagnosis, etc., & would also help you decide which tasks or responsibilities can be delegated to others. 2 wks before I took the exam, I used the UWORLD
The tests are difficult and also had a lot of SATAs, prioritization,& delegation questions that would help you practice your analyzation skills in answering NCLEX style questions. 

📌How did you prepare for the Nclex-RN exam?

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