How to apply for Nclex-RN exam in California

In order to become a Registered Nurse in California, USA. One must first apply and challenge the NCLEX-RN test. Once you pass the exam, the BON-CA will issue your license and then you will be able to practice as an RN in the state of California.

Before you start applying for the NCLEX-RN California, you must first have a Social Security Number. They will not accept any applications without SSN.

There are two ways to apply first, you can create an account at or you can download their application packet here:
I downloaded the application packet and prepared all the requirements that I needed to submit. Here's the list:

From the applicant:
1. Application form (you need to fill this up )
2. 2x2 latest id picture
3.Certificate of passing the board exam (where you initially practice as RN, country of origin) or photocopy of diploma
4. check for the application or money order 
5. Fingerprint - I went to one of the fingerprint service centers in California to have my fingerprint done. You have to print the fingerprint form from the website and take it to the fingerprint service.

The fingerprint technician will sign the form and will give you a copy of that form. Make a photocopy of the fingerprint form because you will include this on your application packet. 
If you are applying outside USA, it's better to request for the fingerprint form from the BON. They're going to mail you the fingerprint form and you have to bring this form to the NBI (Philippines)

From your school:
 ( You need to bring this to your school/university where you completed your BSN education)
Your school must mail it directly to the CA-BON in a sealed envelope)
1. Request for Transcript ( the applicant needs to fill up the first part of the form) 
2. Breakdown of Education

Your university must submit the following documents together with the request of transcript and breakdown of education.
1. Transcript of records (original or certified copy)
2. Course description (original copy)
3. RLE summary
4. Diploma

Your university must mail the requirements on this address: Board of Registered Nursing P.O Box 944210 Sacramento California 94244-2100

Wait for atleast 8 weeks before you call the BON to follow up your application. I submitted my application in June 2016 and I got my eligibility after 3 months September 2nd or 3rd week. 

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